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Welcome to the Alopecia Areata Marketplace — an online shop featuring the latest products and accessories designed for people with partial or total hairloss.

Shop for hairpieces, scarves and hats, books, videos, and cosmetic alternatives, without ever leaving your home.

And when you shop with us, just enter the code “NAAF” (so they know you found them through us) at checkout and the vendor will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF.

Spotlight On Just in Time Soft Hats


Soft hats designed for women with hair loss.

This is 100% cotton headwear from very basic to more elaborate styles. All hats are original designs by Verley Platt, who started her company after she could not find the quality that she wanted when she lost her hair in chemotherapy. These soft hats are easy to wear and have all of the features essential to making headwear flattering and comfortable for the woman with hair loss. The construction details, depending on the style, include pleats, tucks, gathering, lining and layering. Many styles are reversible, so it is like having two hats in one, and some have their own companion pieces, such as ties or overlay braids so you can create different versions of the same style. All Just In Time hats are made in the United States.

Enter code “NAAF” at checkout and JUST IN TIME will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF.

Just in Time Soft Hats




Treat yourself to a scarf that is 'heads above the rest'. This unique scarf was designed by someone who lost her own hair and wanted to remain fashionable and stylish. The beaubeau unites fashion and function and provides maximum comfort and security. Visit to view the vast selection of colors, designs and fabrics. The beaubeau is the perfect alternative to wearing a wig. We also provide sleep caps that stay in place while sleeping, headband scarves and unique gifts! Just because you have lost your hair does not mean you have lost your sense of style! 

Enter code “NAAF” at checkout and Beau Beau will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF.

Coming Up Rosies

Coming Up Rosies is Rosie's dream to "help kids who look like me."  We create customized head and neck scarves from children's original artwork.  Our goal is to restore confidence and pride to anyone struggling with low self-esteem, especially bald children.

Enter code “NAAF” at checkout and Coming up Rosies will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF. Additionally, you will receive 10% off your order.

Doma Designs

Offers a full line of exclusively designed headwear for men, women and children.

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Hats, Scarves and More

Over100 different styles of women's hats. Winter, Summer, Office, Fair Trade, Organic, Large Head Size. Fabulous cotton scarves that won't slip, plus pre-tied and easy-to-tie.  Great styles for Men, Children and Teens. Fast, low-cost shipping.

Enter code “NAAF” at checkout and Hats, Scarves and More will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF.

Headcovers Unlimited offers thousands of unique products designed especially for all individuals with hair loss, including stylish hats, realistic looking wigs, soft head scarves, swim caps, real human hair eyebrows, pre-tied scarves, false eyelashes, sleep hats, exercise caps, head wraps, turbans, temporary eyebrow tattoos, scarf pads, wig accessories, eyebrow cosmetics and hats with hair. 

Enter code “NAAF” at checkout and Headcovers Unlimited will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF.

Headline It! No Sweat Comfort liners

The award winning, patented, Headline It! No Sweat Comfort liners are made from high tech wick wear, similar to Under Armour material. The liners are notched to fit inside any wig, hat, scarf, or headwear item. They wick the sweat away from the head, pulling sweat into the liner, while evaporating continuously. This process allows the head to remain COOLER in the summer and WARMER in the winter. The non-slip material helps keep a wig or scarf in place.

Enter code “NAAF” at checkout and Headline It! will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF.

Inspirational Head Coverings

Inspirational HeadCoverings sells top quality, fashion forward head covers to women and children experiencing hair loss.  All head covers offer full coverage and most are pre-tied making them easy to put on and go. Almost 200 unique styles are specifically made of soft, breathable fabric providing comfort against ones scalp. 

Enter code “NAAF” at checkout and Inspirational Head Coverings will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF.



Muluk´s headwear is used by people with hair loss. They provide full coverage, maximum comfort, and ease during their treatment, helping them to look and feel better. Our popular full coverage, comfy and lightweight hat, will look cute with any outfit during any season. Handmade in Portland, Or. Enter code “NAAF” at checkout and Muluk will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF.

Nammu Swimming Hats

Nammu is a stylish sun protective swim cap designed to protect the head from the sun while in and around water. Fashioned like a trendy bandana, Nammu is fitted swim cap that stays in place during any activity. Nammu is affordable, fashionable and functional.

Enter code “NAAF” at checkout and Nammu will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF.

Soft Hats

100% cotton soft hats, scarves and head wraps designed with details to flatter the woman with hair loss. Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections with styles and fabrics most appropriate for the season. All original designs and all made in USA.

Please enter NAAF in the "How did you hear about us" box when ordering and Soft Hats will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF.

Sparkle My Headscarves

"Empowering women to sparkle & shine" Sparkle My Head Scarves are designed using soft comfortable fabrics that feel good against your skin, and are embellished with beading, rhinestones, or crystals that sparkle. The fabric has great elasticity allowing the scarves to stay on and not slip around on your head. Our motto is "Don't ever let anything take away your sparkle!"

Enter code “NAAF” at checkout and Sparkle My Headscarves will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF.

Suburban Turban

Suburban Turban offers stylish headwear and accessories online for women experiencing hair loss.  The collection has styles for all occasions – from beautifully simple, super soft jersey ‘everyday’ hats to chic berets and sparkling cocktail hats.  As we make our styles, we design them for long term hair loss wear – in breathable lightweight fabrics, cut deeper to provide full coverage, available in different sizes and great fashion colours. To shop the range please visit the website.

Choose "NAAF" when ordering from the "Please tell us where you heard…" drop down and Suburban Turban will donate 10% of the purchase price to NAAF. 

Suburban Turban, Turban Towers, Masters Yard, Guildford Road, Westcott, Surrey, RH4 3NG, UK.


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