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Patient Voices: Alopecia areata clinical trial experiences

Wednesday, May 22

4:00 PM, PDT

Event Type: Virtual

WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 2024 – 7PM ET/ 6PM CT/ 4PM PT

Have you wondered what it’s like to participate in a clinical trial? This webinar will feature a panel of alopecia areata community members talking about their clinical trial experiences. What factors influenced their decision to join a trial? What was participation like? How do they feel about contributing to alopecia areata treatment development?

Panelists Brandi Meyer, April Noel, Katie Robberson, and Sandra Kelberlau will discuss their paths to joining a clinical trial and how that decision has impacted living with alopecia areata for them. Dermatologist Dr. Tiffany Mayo will join the panel to answer medical questions.

Join the webinar to learn more and get answers to your questions.