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Be a NAAF Support Group Leader

volunteers at NAAF alopecia areata conference NAAF support group leaders help others with alopecia areata

Having alopecia areata can be frustrating and emotionally challenging. For this reason, NAAF has support groups led by volunteers for those diagnosed with alopecia areata and their family members. These support groups are safe, comfortable, and trusting environments to share and find acceptance regarding alopecia areata. But many cities and towns across the country still need NAAF support group leaders.

As a support group network volunteer, you wouldn’t be alone in your endeavor to provide support. We’re here to help you. You do not need to have a special education or certain skills to facilitate a support group. If you have the desire to lead a support group, we will help you make it successful.

To become a NAAF support group network volunteer, you only need to have or have a family member diagnosed with alopecia areata. Click here to apply today!