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Board of Directors

NAAF was established in 1981 with two clear goals; to fund and promote research and provide support to individuals affected by alopecia areata. Though NAAF’s mission programs have expanded over the past four decades, the importance of research funding and providing a substantial support program to people of all ages and interests has not diminished. NAAF’s commitment to funding critical research remains unchanged, and our various support programs and resources continue to offer different ways to create a sense of community amongst individuals with alopecia areata and their families.

NAAF 2024 Board of Directors
Front, L to R: Ann S. Hedges, Shamsha Damani, Nichole Friedland, Bonnie Chong, Ann Hollins, Deirdre Nero, Maureen McGettigan, Wendy Yu
Back, L to R: Simon Rubenstein, Dr. Brett King, Ron Saca, Tyrone Folliard-Olson, David Granson, Jim O’Connell, Jonelle Massey, Robbie Baker (staff)
On Screen: Lisa Bard Levine
Ann Hollins Chair Westfield NJ
Tyrone Folliard-Olson Vice Chair Minneapolis MN
Jim O'Connell CFO Cincinnati OH
Bonnie Chong Audit Chair Bryn Mawr PA
Maureen McGettigan Secretary Flourtown PA
Shamsha Damani Member Houston TX
David Granson Member St. Davids PA
Ann Hedges Member San Francisco CA
Brett King, MD, PhD Member Fairfield CT
Lisa Bard Levine, MD, MBA Member Needham MA
Jonelle Massey Member Toledo OH
Deirdre Nero Member Miami FL
Simon Rubenstein Member Brooklyn NY
Ron Saca Member Alamo CA
Wendy Yu Member Los Altos CA
Nicole Friedland President & CEO Novato CA