Be a NAAF Youth Mentor

Be a NAAF Youth Mentor; volunteer for the NAAF alopecia areata youth mentor program



The NAAF Youth Mentor Program connects children living with alopecia areata to dedicated young adult mentors. This provides them with the chance to form lasting bonds while mentors provide support and guidance on dealing with the day-to-day challenges stemming from alopecia areata. 

We are accepting NAAF Youth Mentor Applications! 

NAAF youth mentors are:

  • Between the ages of 16-30
  • Motivated to help children living with alopecia areata
  • Willing to make the commitment

You can be part of the NAAF Youth Mentor Program by sharing your experience about how you navigate the world and what type of coping skills you use. You can also share time and fun activities that bring about a sense of “normalcy” so kids get to be kids! 

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“Nothing can prepare you for losing all of your hair, especially when society and the media make it seem like a necessary part of being beautiful. It’s easy to compare ourselves to the models in magazines and to see being bald as imperfect. However, with the right support system and great resources it’s also totally possible to push the negative thoughts aside and to instead focus on the power and beauty we each have thanks to alopecia…. It might be an uphill battle filled with several obstacles, but discovering your strength and confidence through your unique beauty is possible.”  

—Angelina, Youth Mentor 

FAQs about the NAAF Youth Mentor Program

Where do the youth mentors vome from? 

Youth mentors are people living with alopecia areata, between the ages of 16-30. They want to share their experience and support others. Many of our mentors have been part of the NAAF community for years. They have attended the NAAF Patient Conference, NAAF support groups, or other NAAF community activities. Others are new to NAAF and are now part of an ever-expanding network of young adults who want to give back by sharing what they have learned has helped them to cope. 

How does the youth mentor program work? 

Youth mentors and mentees connect through a platform. The mentors provide a short bio about themselves for parents and kids to review. Once NAAF makes the mentor/mentee connection, the relationship starts. They can have conversations over Skype, phone calls, and face to face. This is a year-round connection outside of the NAAF conference. We ask that youth mentors agree to mentor 2 mentees per year, and commit to spending a minimum of 2 hours a month with each mentee.   

How do I become a youth mentor? 

To become a Youth Mentor,  you mustsubmit an applicationand go through an interview and screening process.  You will also be required to take NAAF’s youth mentor e-training course. Once you have completed the application, screening and training process and are accepted, we will include your information on the mentor match platform and help you get matched!  

What screening process do you use to allow a volunteer to become a mentor? 

NAAF’s youth mentors submit an application, have an interview, reference check and background check. They also must participate in a 2- hour training. 

What if my mentee no longer needs me? 

We understand mentees get busy with life, school or may simply no longer need a mentor. If this is the case, we will work with you to connect you with a new mentee that needs help navigating life with alopecia areata.  

How much does the program cost? 

There is no fee to join the program. However, activities that are scheduled between the mentor and mentee may cost money and payment shall be worked out between the mentor and the mentee’s parents/guardian. (Such as the cost of a meal, or bowling.) 

How long do I need to be a mentor? 

We ask for a one-year commitment from participants; however, this can be extended upon agreement from mentor/mentee. 

What are the hours for the match activity? 

This schedule is to be determined between mentor/mentee families. Typically, activities would take place on the weekends.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at