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NAAF has a wide variety of resources to increase awareness and understanding of alopecia areata, including educational webinars, patient videos and inspiring community voices. We hope these videos, webinars and stories not only leave you better informed but empowered as well.

Alopecia Areata Patient Videos

We can always learn and gain confidence from those who have shared similar experiences to our own. These videos feature a diverse group of alopecia areata community members sharing their life’s highs and lows, and their advice to others who are also going through journeys not unlike their own.

Community Voices

If there was one thing you could tell your friends about alopecia areata, what would it be?  What’s one thing you would like to tell your dermatologist, parents, co-workers, or classmates? NAAF asked our community these very questions and we hope you’ll find these patient perspectives both candid and informative. And if you’re an alopecia areata patient, you may find your experience is similar to that of the patients featured here. Learn how you can share your voice.


NAAF is pleased to offer free webinars in the You Are Not Alone: Education and Empowerment Webinar Series. We recognize the crucial need for the patient community to interact with medical professionals and experts with experience on topics specific to alopecia areata. These webinars cover a variety of relevant topics presented by a diverse set of speakers that will empower and educate community members wherever they are on their journey with alopecia areata.

NAAF gratefully acknowledges the support provided for the You Are Not Alone: Education and Empowerment Webinar Series from our partners.

Hanging With Our Young Alopecians

Alopecians are superheroes and Georgia Van Cuylenburg believes our young Alopecians are the Elite Squad! In this month’s webinar, we invite you to join a panel of young Alopecians in a safe and supportive space where we can talk about…

Kristen Turner

One thing about alopecia areata I wish my friends knew is: I’ll have good days and bad days and sometimes those bad days I don’t want to be around anyone, even when I love them dearly. One thing about alopecia…

Noelle Ariana

One thing about alopecia areata I wish my friends knew is: Hair loss is mentally devastating. ESPECIALLY, sudden and unpredictable hair loss that comes with having Alopecia Areata. Check in with me. A day or night with friends makes me…

Courtney Hays

One thing about alopecia areata I wish my friends knew is: Don’t ignore it, instead acknowledge it. Ask them how their doing, but give them space if the need it. Don’t make judgements. Avoid comparisons. Encourage new hobbies. Listen to…
Complete hair loss on the body, alopecia universalis, one of the alopecia areata types.

Brittany Foxworth

One thing about alopecia areata I wish my friends/co-workers knew is: When I was a child almost 22 years ago I lost all of my hair in the matter of a few days. I felt like a part of me…