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The Good, the Bad & the Itchy: Managing the wig process and cosmetic challenges in alopecia areata

Speaker: Amy Gibson, Kathleen Leonard, Georgia Van Cuylenburg Date Aired: March 9, 2023

When you’re wearing hair pieces and drawing your own brows, it’s so hard to feel and look like the “you” that everyone knows you as.  It’s even harder to ask for help to get it right.    

Amy Gibson, who has alopecia universalis, has spent 25 years helping fellow Alopecians in choosing and managing the wig process along with the cosmetic challenges of hair loss. From picking your familiar style, the correct fit and the right color, to understanding how to create the authenticity and discretion needed for peace of mind while on this journey.  

Eyebrows can be challenging to do on yourself, but Amy will share some great ways to make this process easier for you.   

In this webinar, Amy will offer the inside scoop on what has really worked for herself and thousands of her clients.   

Our NAAF friend and fellow Alopecian, Georgia Van Cuylenburg, will join Amy to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to, but were afraid to ask.   

Amy will also be joined by her leading Emmy-nominated Celebrity Stylist and associate of 17 years, Kathleen Leonard, who specializes in African American and Latino hair. From creating baby hair to understanding how to lay down your edges correctly, to tips on keeping your scalp healthy, Kathleen is excited to share her amazing 30-year journey helping Alopecians and cancer clients.   

Amy’s hope for this hour is that you gain insight and tips to create more confidence and a sense of security and freedom, so you can be more comfortable from the inside out.