Alopecia Areata Awareness Month 2021


Show Us Your True Colors This September!

September is Alopecia Areata Awareness Month, a one-month celebration to increase public awareness of alopecia areata in local communities across the United States. This September, we want you to show us your True Colors! We invite you to join our campaign and share with us through pictures, stories, music, and video how you show the world your True Colors as someone with alopecia areata. Show us your blue nails, your red wig, your green shoes. Show us your bravery. Show us your creativity. Show us your spirit. Show us your pride. Stay tuned for more information on how you can show us your True Colors!

As we approach September, there are lots of ways to help bring attention and understanding to alopecia areata and the need for an acceptable treatment. Hold or sponsor a family-friendly, virtual awareness event in your area. Connect and collaborate with local NAAF support groups in order to pool resources and increase attention and publicity for your event. Contact local newspaper, television, and radio stations, and arrange for a personal interview. Need more ideas?

Reach out to us at (415) 472-3780,, and get your copy of our Alopecia Areata Awareness Month & Community Awareness planning guides.

And watch our social media and this website for more details and ways to setup your own fundraising page.