This September: Who Is Your Favorite Masked Hero?

Awareness Month 2020 – Tell Us: Who Is Your Favorite Masked Hero?

September is Alopecia Areata Awareness Month, a one-month celebration to increase public awareness of alopecia areata in local communities across the United States.

This September, tell us Who Is Your Favorite Masked Hero?

Now that masks are more important than ever, we invite you to join our campaign and share with us through pictures, stories, music, and video the masked person who inspires you on your alopecia areata journey! Is it your brave child with alopecia areata? Is it your parent setting an example? Is it a health professional working long hours and putting their own safety at risk for the community? Or, hey, maybe it’s an actual comic or movie superhero whose adventures have kept you entertained (and possibly sane!) during these challenging months. 

We are asking you to make a short (30 to 60 second) video telling the community who is your favorite masked hero. It could be:
• A patient with alopecia areata
• A doctor
• A mentor/mentee
• A parent
• A child
• A teacher
• A role-model
• Or even a comic book/movie superhero who inspires you

Please remember to include the hashtags #maskedhero and/or #unmaskalopecia. In fitting with our theme, please ask your hero to wear a mask if they’re going to appear on camera.

Your video will be featured on NAAF’s social media channels and will be eligible for prizes we’ll be awarding for what we consider the most inspiring and original videos.

Please send your videos to Gary Sherwood at gary@naaf.org. You can use an easy FTP site such as https://wetransfer.com/ to send large files.

There are lots of ways to raise funds and help bring attention and understanding to alopecia areata and the need for an acceptable treatment. Here are just a few:

  • Hold or sponsor a family-friendly, virtual awareness event in your area;
  • Connect and collaborate with local NAAF support groups in order to pool resources and increase attention and publicity for a virtual event.
  • Contact local newspapers, television and radio stations, and arrange for a personal ZOOM or socially distanced interview.

Need more ideas or have questions? Reach out to us at (415) 472-3780, info@naaf.org, We  are here for you!