Awareness Month 2020 – Who Is Your Favorite Masked Hero?

A Big Success! 

In just one month, this community of 414 supporters has raised over $190,000.00 to combat the forces of alopecia areata that try to bring us down — a feat made possible by each and every special masked hero who shared to celebrate Alopecia Areata Awareness Month. Your fierce financial support helped us unlock some generous matching challenge grants from members of NAAF’s Board of Directors, doubling $67,000 of donations!

Thank you for having the courage to unmask alopecia.… You’re all favorite #UnmaskedHeroes in our eyes!

Give it up for our Top 10 Fundraisers:

  1. Melody Rankin Oliver - $3745
  2. Arianne & Sophia Navarro - $3570
  3. Carly Cundiff - $2565
  4. Heather Hobbs - $2000
  5. Kaleigh O'Donnell - $1611
  6. Galaxy Slight - $1510
  7. Winnie Smith - $1368
  8. LauraBeth Gamache - $1103
  9. Jolie Boes - $961
  10. Molly Tuttle -$429

With your support, we will:

  • Continue to advance research so that by 2022 we have two treatments for alopecia areata that are safe, affordable, effective and easy to use.
  • Increase our reach so that every person who wants a mentor is connected with one, and they know they are not alone.
  • Drive our awareness campaigns so that everyone knows what alopecia areata is and no one experiences stigma.

Your gift goes to work right away to support NAAF’s programs of support, advocacy and research. In our eyes, that makes you all heroes

We invited you to join our campaign and share with us through pictures, stories, music, and video the masked person who inspires you on your alopecia areata journey! Is it your brave child with alopecia areata? Is it your parent setting an example? Is it a health professional working long hours and putting their own safety at risk for the community? Or, hey, maybe it’s an actual comic or movie superhero whose adventures have kept you entertained (and possibly sane!) during these challenging months. 

We asked you to make a short (30 to 60 second) video telling the community who is your favorite masked hero.  It could be:
• A patient with alopecia areata
• A doctor
• A mentor/mentee
• A parent
• A child
• A teacher
• A role-model
• Or even a comic book/movie superhero who inspires you

See All the Heroes Here >>>>>