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Spotlight on Black History Month

Keya Trammell

Spotlight on Community Member Keya Trammell

In honor of Black History Month, we wish to spotlight community member, Keya Trammell. Diagnosed with alopecia totalis at the age of 2, Keya’s resilience meant that hair loss was not going to prevent her from pursuing a successful career as a jazz-pop vocalist. Growing up in South Suburban Illinois, Keya was sometimes bullied because of her alopecia totalis, but she credits music for making her feel whole. Her 2020 video for the song “Double Rainbow” features Keya removing her wig in front of her boyfriend. Fans told Keya she made them feel confident. “I realized that I should take on the responsibility of being an artist who makes herself vulnerable by showing her truth.” Keya adds, “When people say, ‘I’m sorry you have alopecia,’ my response is, ‘Alopecia has been a blessing to me.’”

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