Ways to Volunteer

Telephone or Support Group Leader

NAAF has support groups all over the world. Though they have different sizes, average age and group specific objectives, they share a common mission; to provide individuals with alopecia areata, their families and their friends a safe, comfortable and trusting environment in which to share their personal experiences with this challenging disease.

There are lots of cities and towns across the country and around the world WITHOUT support groups. If you would like to learn more about what it means to be a telephone support contact or support group leader please contact

Donate Your Hair

We have a wig manufacturer in New Zealand who accepts donated hair for making wigs. See these instructions on how to donate your hair.  

Pen Pal Program

Everyone likes to get mail, especially if it's from a good friend. If you like to write and receive letters, then the NAAF Helping Hearts Through Hands Pen Pal Program is for you.

Helping Hearts Through Hands links people who want to share their experiences and gain support from others like them. The Pen Pal Program connects letter writers that have or know people with alopecia areata from across the country or around the world.

If you want a Pen Pal, and have made a donation of any amount to NAAF, please contact NAAF at

IMPORTANT: If you're 17 or under, please ask your parent or guardian for permission first.

Conference Volunteers

NAAF is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers for our annual patient conference. We need people to facilitate support sessions, monitor doors, put up signs, guide people to the right places, and more. Let us know if you’d like to help - Call the NAAF office or email