Get Involved

While it is not unusual for those of us in the alopecia areata community to feel overwhelmed with a new diagnosis, ongoing treatment or other challenges, the NAAF is here to tell you that there is hope. Medical and scientific research hold the promise of better treatments and, one day, the possibility of a cure. One of the most important things that family and friends in the alopecia areata community can do is raise money to support research and the programs and services of NAAF. 

Another important way to get involved is to be an advocate for an acceptable treatment or cure of alopecia areata. The federal government plays a central role in medical research, treatment development, and healthcare delivery in this country. By reaching out and building relationships with your Members of Congress, you can ensure legislators are well-educated about the issues impacting the community and prepared to take appropriate action to advance research and improve care. 

So many aspects of alopecia areata are beyond our control, but our ability to raise money is not one of them. There have been great advances in understanding alopecia areata, but more needs to be done if we are to find a cure. We all have vested interest in making this happen. The sooner you begin to raise funds to support the Foundation’s work, the greater likelihood your loved one(s) will benefit.

Whether you raise $5 or $5000, the important thing is that you will do something. It’s not as difficult as you may think. People will want to help. The hardest part is getting started, and NAAF is here to help!