Advocate for Change

Advocacy and Awareness are twin pillars on which our community leadership cultivation rests. We encourage and train people to be effective self-advocates, and lead coordinated advocacy efforts for the millions affected by alopecia areata.  An important aspect of advocating for change is raising awareness and reducing the stigma of difference. Through a network of local volunteers and national events, we raise our voices to shine a light on the challenges and opportunities of living with this autoimmune skin disease that results in hair loss and emotional pain.

  • We visit our elected officials’ offices at home and in Washington, DC, to keep our lawmakers informed and urge them to take action for the benefit of all those affected by this disease. Those interested in being a Legislative Liaison are encouraged to email Gary Sherwood at or call 415-472-3780.
  • We advocate for children by providing information to schools to reduce bullying and relax restrictive dress codes that prevent a student with alopecia areata from wearing a hat or scarf.
  • We advocate on behalf of individuals who feel themselves unseen and their voice unheard. 

NAAF is here to coordinate and amplify our voices, to spread greater awareness of alopecia areata through our schools, workplaces and communities. When people are made aware, they want to help. Our awareness efforts have ranged from a hat day fundraiser to a public service announcement on the Jumbotron at the Indy 500. We’ve even had 600 people marching on Capitol Hill, all with matching NAAF shirts and some with matching bald heads. 

We invite you to join our Advocacy and Awareness work to help ensure the alopecia areata community is seen and heard and our shared concerns are met with compassion and addressed at the highest levels.