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Preparing for Back to School: Insights from a Teen & Young Adult Panel

Speaker: Young adult and teen panel Date Aired: August 16, 2023

Heading back to school is an exciting time, but for young people with alopecia areata, the thought of starting a new school year can be overwhelming and scary. Whether you’re headed into elementary, junior high, high school, or even college, it’s a time with lots of changes and challenges.

NAAF’s Support & Education Director, Judy Williams, will join a group of young adults and teens who are living with alopecia areata to help answer all the questions you have about how they prepare for a new school year and/or how they survived their school years.

Panelists: Maggie Brown, Harris Roach, Ernie Kaye, Laura Pellicano, Ezra Key-Cohen, and Kenna Stephen