Our Research

NAAF strategically funds highly meritorious grants to advance research in a diverse and balanced way.  We consider applications in broad range of areas, including (1) basic research offering leads for a cure or prevention (2) translational and clinical studies offering high-impact results and immediate benefits and (3) research to quantify and qualify biological, psychosocial and economic impacts for the purpose of addressing those impacts and improving quality of life as well as ensuring swift regulatory approval and insurance reimbursement for potential treatments.

NAAF has adopted criteria for evaluating highly scored grant applications for funding based on NAAF programmatic priorities to identify those that fit best within our existing research portfolio. The framework was developed by staff and reviewed by our Research Advisors and Health & Research Ambassadors. As our work progresses and we engage with a broad range of patients, caregivers, researchers, and other stakeholders, we may update and develop additional priorities for research. In addition, NAAF conducts research summits every two years to review progress, identify opportunities to further advance research and create new directions in its funded and promoted research. NAAF will continue to provide support and leadership toward accomplishing these targeted research aims resulting from the summits to help bring effective therapies for alopecia areata to market and enhance the understanding of disease.