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Welcome to the Alopecia Areata Marketplace — an online shop featuring the latest products and accessories designed for people with partial or total hairloss.

Shop for hairpieces, scarves and hats, books, videos, and cosmetic alternatives, without ever leaving your home.

And when you shop with us, just check the box marked “NAAF” (or enter “NAAF” or another code the vendor has indicated) at checkout, so they know you found them through us.

Spotlight On Survivor Eyes


They say “the eyes are the windows to the soul” and are undeniably our most expressive facial feature. When one is without eyebrows, the eye appears incomplete, which can compromise both appearance and self-confidence.

SurvivorEyes offers the perfect solution, with a brow style kit. The SurvivorEyes Brow Style kit is designed to help those who struggle with hair loss, and is a valuable tool in any beauty arsenal. Each kit comes complete with 10 unique shaped brow stencils, designed to complement any face shape. In addition, a dual sided cosmetic applicator & high quality SORME` brow cosmetic in 3 shade pallets, perfect for any skin tone. Each brow stencil also carries an affirmation to help identify one's favorite shape, but more important, it provides a little boost of self-confidence. Be sure to enter 'NAAF' in the coupon code line every time you shop and 10% of your purchase is donated to NAAF.

Survivor Eyes


Hair & Skin Products


Thin hair and small bald areas disappear instantly with DermMatch. You can swim, sweat or brush. DermMatch works anywhere, even along hairlines. Doctor-trusted for over a decade, the formula is rich in emollients and botanicals to soothe and moisturize your skin. See photos, testimonials, comparisons and order online.


LOOK GOOD. FEEL GREAT! Volluma helps you look and feel more beautiful. Restores thickness and fullness of your hair. Enhances results of other hair treatments. Improves self-confidence and image.

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