Towards the Unbiased Identification of Antigenic Mimotopes Recognized by Alopecia Areata-Specific Human CD8+ T cells in Situ

Principal Investigator:
Marta Bertolini, PhD
Sponsoring Institution:
Monasterium Laboratory
Principle Investigator


If successful, this study will lead to a much better understanding of how alopecia areata develops in a given patient, and it will also constitute a crucial first step toward developing an effective therapy that addresses the underlying cause.


1) To characterize the TCR chains of key alopecia areata CD8+ T cells by isolating them from lesional skin of alopecia areata patients; 2) To generate antigenic peptides (fragments of protein) that mimic the suspected (auto-)antigens presented to the CD8+ T cells in lesional skin of alopecia areata patients; and 3) To establish a test system in the lab that mimics what happens when a human TCR encounters an (auto-)antigen.