Mechanism of Immune Modulation by DPCP in Alopecia Areata

2016 to 2019
Maria Hordinsky, MD, Principal Investigator
University of Minnesota

NIH Bridge Grant Opportunities


If successful, this pilot trial in collaboration with the company formulating DPCP in a standardized format could lead to larger studies, a high return on investment from the NIH, and ultimately FDA approval of this commonly used off-label therapy. The results of molecular profiling could also produce fundamental insight and lead to new approaches in alopecia areata drug development.


1) To evaluate the response, safety, and efficacy of proprietary diphenylcyclopropenone (DPCP) gel in 39 patients; 2) To perform molecular profiling of defined T-cell subsets/associated cytokines and hair keratin mRNAs; and 3) To re-submit an NIH proposal for a larger, potentially multi-center clinical research trial using pilot data from this study.