#ShareYourSuperPower! #ShareYourPassion!

In celebration of Alopecia Areata Awareness Month, we’re inviting YOU to join us for our first ever Super Power Challenge!

What is the Super Power Challenge?

The Super Power Challenge is a month-long fundraising and awareness competition. For the entire month of September, NAAF will be leveraging the superhuman support of heroes like you to increase awareness of alopecia areata and raise $150,000 to benefit NAAF’s mission of aiding all individuals affected by the disease.

YOU have the power to make a difference

Share your super power. Share your passion. Be a hero! Sign up to fundraise NOW to join NAAF and countless other heroes in our mission to avenge the forces of alopecia areata that try to keep us down.

Earn Your Cape! 

The first 50 heroes to create their own fundraising page and customize it with a story, picture, or video that shares their unique super power or passion and donates $50 will receive a personalized Super Hero Cape from Coming Up Rosies!

VISIT OUR SUPER POWER CAMPAIGN PAGE HERE to Start Fundraising or make a donation now!  

Other Ways to Spread Awareness

You can also help bring attention and understanding to alopecia areata and the need for an acceptable treatment. Hold or sponsor a family-friendly awareness event in your area. Possibilities include:

  • office or school jeans days
  • walk-a-thons
  • bowl-a-thons
  • runs/walks (Tortoise & Hair™)
  • barbecues
  • golf tournament (Links for Locks™)
  • benefit concerts
  • birthday parties
  • book sales
  • car washes
  • craft fairs
  • garage/yard sales
  • garden tours
  • wine & cheese receptions—and more!
  • Arrange to display and distribute alopecia areata educational brochures at public libraries, community centers or other popular places.
  • Connect and collaborate with local NAAF support groups in order to pool resources and increase attention and publicity for your event. Contact local newspapers, television and radio stations, and arrange for a personal interview.

Need more ideas? Reach out to us at 415-472-3780, info@naaf.org, and get your copy of our Community Awareness planning guide!