Claim Your Strength Challenge!

September is alopecia areata awareness month and this year, we’re loud and proud… as usual!  We love seeing this supportive community embrace what makes each of us unique. In celebration this year, we invite you to #ClaimYourStrength and join us in fundraising $125,000 with NAAF to fund research and spread empowerment.

Join NAAF this September for the  #ClaimYourStrength  Challenge by channeling what makes you feel strong through pictures, videos, stories and music! We’re stronger together - so share your strength with friends and family, and support the progress we have made toward a treatment or cure!

#ClaimYourStrength and flex those fundraising muscles.  

In addition to fundraising we also want to know what makes YOU Strong by Claiming YOUR Strength! What makes you, YOU? Are you an artist? A soccer star? A change maker? A foodie? Channel what makes you feel strong through stories, pictures, videos, music, and more. Share a picture flexing your arm with your strength written on your bicep for your chance to be featured! 

1. What’s your strength? Claim it!
2. How did you first discover your unique strength? How have you embraced your strength since?
3. Tell us about a time that your strength helped you overcome a challenge or obstacle that stood in your way.

Send all submissions with answers to above 3 questions to ~ we can’t wait to see your creativity shine. 

We’re stronger together. Let’s do this. 

You can also spread alopecia areata awareness by holding or sponsoring a family-friendly awareness event in your area! Possibilities include: office or school jeans days, walk-a-thons, bowl-a-thons, runs/walks (Tortoise & Hair™), barbecues, benefit concerts, birthday parties, book sales, car washes, craft fairs, garage/yard sales, garden tours, wine & cheese receptions—and more! Arrange to display and distribute alopecia areata educational brochures at public libraries, community centers or other popular places. Connect and collaborate with local NAAF support groups in order to pool resources and increase attention and publicity for your event. Contact local newspapers, television and radio stations, and arrange for a personal interview. Need more ideas?  Reach out to us at 415-472-3780 or to get your copy of our Alopecia Areata Awareness Month and Community Awareness planning guides.