Alopecia Areata Awareness Month 2021


2021 Awareness Month BLOWS AWAY All Expectations 

We exceeded all of our hopes and dreams for our 2021 #ShowNAAFYourTrueColors Awareness Month campaign thanks to our fantastic, committed, and talented community fundraisers, who went all out in their efforts; our Board of Directors, who contributed significant matching funds; and Lilly and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, our generous new Awareness Month sponsors.  Thank you!!

Earlier in 2021, we projected bringing in $200,000 for Awareness Month based on last year’s success. But because of YOU, and your commitment to NAAF, we raised a whopping $224,483 to help NAAF continue all of our vital support efforts, advocacy on Capitol Hill, and research funding. It’s clear that our community is firmly committed to seeing NAAF succeed — and we are truly grateful for your generosity, time, and talent, which contributed to our success during another really challenging year for us all.

Give it up for our Top 10 Fundraisers:
1.         Ryan Willis: $26,000
2.         Danille and Bella Uffelman: $5,955
3.         Shamsha Damani: $4,329
4.         Arianne and Pia Navarro: $1,702
5.         Eliana and Heather Hobbs: $1,500
6.         Noelle Kesler: $1,396
7.         Maureen Shannon: $1,226
8.         Laraine Kemery: $1,000
9.         Becky Hibbs and Nashville Support: $774
10.       Jenn Kraus: $697

The NAAF community, our Board Members and our generous sponsors made this year’s #ShowNAAFYourTrueColors Awareness Month even more successful than we could have imagined!  We are grateful.