September is Alopecia Areata Awareness Month! Anyone can be a superhero for alopecia—so put your cape on and do something about alopecia!

ACTION ALERT: Help Make Wigs More Affordable for Those with Alopecia Areata!

Ask your congressional representative and senators to co-sponsor H.R. 4034 and S. 1922, new legislation in the House and Senate respectively which redesignates wigs as durable medical equipment eligible for Medicare coverage.

It takes just THREE EASY STEPS! Download this PDF and then:

1) Fill in your name and city on the letter provided (page 2 from PDF)
2) Scan the letter
3) Email the scanned letter to Matt Duquette (

And you’re done! Matt will see the letters are hand-delivered to your congressional representatives and senators.

The sooner you reach out to your lawmakers, the sooner these bills come to a vote…and the sooner they could become law!

Thank you so much for playing an important role in helping the alopecia areata community.