Social Media Sensation Nico Srut On What Drives Him

Sep 29, 2020

Only 20-years-old, Nico Srut already has close to 300,000 TikTok followers and has gone viral eight times with his upbeat and unique videos about having alopecia areata. Here he discusses what motivates him and why he believes he’s attained such popularity.

I’ve always been fascinated with those factors that drive us as people. We all have reasons for why we choose our profession, why we act and dress a certain way, why we follow the path we do. Heck, we have a huge overarching reason why we stay motivated to get ourselves out of bed every morning. For me, I get up every day because of my innate, burning desire to help people. To use my experience with alopecia — which shaked me up, crumbled my world, and left me with nothing but fragments of who I am — and to help people reclaim who they are by sharing how I took those fragments, found a little bit of pizzazz to go along with them, and pieced together a new, better, confident, determined version of myself that I never would have become if not for the hardships I endured with my alopecia.

The most recent breakthroughs of accomplishing my dreams of helping people have come to fruition recently as I’ve come to grow my TikTok account, making comedic videos of me embracing my alopecia, as well as motivational videos sharing my journey. It started with one viral video, one slight chance, maybe by luck, that got me exposure and brought a few dozen people with alopecia my way who contacted me personally. I worked with them, helped many of them to take off their wigs, ditch their hats, get rid of their fake eyebrows. And man, it felt so good. To think that at 20 years old I am living my dream! I decided to keep working at TikTok to bring in more of an audience with alopecia. A few months later, in present day, I have nearly 300,000 followers, have gone viral eight times, and now have HUNDREDS of people with alopecia reaching out to me on a regular basis — and I’m able to impact their lives, live my dream, and help them to be everything they’ve ever wanted to be. 

One particular story that means the world to me is about one of my new friends, Pal, who reached out to me. She lives in Mexico and told me how my videos had helped her to view her alopecia in a new light and gave her a lot of confidence. I couldn’t believe it! I could inspire and help someone in another country simply by making comedic videos on TikTok embracing my alopecia and the hardships I’ve been through? It brought tears to my eyes. I invited Pal to a big group chat of what’s now nearly one-hundred people with alopecia, and Pal and I developed more of a friendship, and now she’s been immersed in the wonderful community that me and many other “Alopecians” as we like to call ourselves have built. It’s a family. A home for everyone who has felt the stinging, degrading burn of the unforgiving public eye, who has endured bullying among many other atrocities.

I’m getting the chance to live my dream and help people walk in their shoes more confidently, and I could not be more grateful.

The next step? I’m currently developing a website to be a home to all people, not just people with alopecia, that provides free resources for bullying, for confidence boosting, that showcases personal stories from people with alopecia, vitiligo, dyslexia, or any other “handicap” that society deems we have. A place where the world can see that the things society labels as “handicaps” and “differences” and “insecurities” are actually the things that give us the most strength.

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