SeeUs . . . As We Are On The Inside!

Jul 20, 2015

The National Alopecia Areata Foundation is raising awareness and increasing understanding of alopecia areata by calling attention to the shared challenges and triumphs of people living with any autoimmune or skin disease, hair loss, or the emotional pain that so often accompanies living with difference. In doing so, we hope to bring our stories to strengthen a budding national dialogue as we work together to increase acceptance and relieve suffering. 

The SeeUs Campaign is our approach to reducing the stigma of difference and celebrating the uniqueness and resiliency of people living with these conditions.

NAAF started to envision this campaign last year after being inspired repeatedly by the courage demonstrated in this community. Rather than look to Hollywood or Washington DC for a spokesperson or role model, we had only to look within ourselves to find true leadership and the strength of heart to make a change for the good!

In April 2015, Beautiful in My Eyes, a 60-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) written and starring longtime NAAF friend and community member Ali Voron and directed by co-writer Lez Rudge, debuted on YouTube. By June, the PSA had been publicized by UpWorthy with over 650,000 views! 

Over the past few months, NAAF met in Boston and Seattle with support group members who have alopecia areata, and with people that have other autoimmune or skin diseases, hair loss, or emotional pain, to share stories of challenges and triumphs and be photographed for the campaign! 

We ask you to join us this September as we grow this Campaign and show the world who we really are—on the inside.  Join us today in raising awareness of alopecia areata, celebrating inner strength and reducing the stigma of difference.

Our goals are worthy:

  • Illuminate the commonalities experienced by people across age race gender and disease.
  • improve understanding, attitude, and behaviors around living with autoimmune disease, skin disease, hair loss, and emotional pain.
  • Increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance.
  • Support self-esteem and resiliency.
  • Illustrate our common wellness and humanity in the face of illness and adversity.
  • Create a compassionate and safe place for communities to dialogue about the pain of stigmatization and the added emotional and financial burden that can accompany it.
  • Turn visual differences into a source of resiliency, strength and beauty.
  • Raise funds so that NAAF can provide support to all those in need and continue funding research for a treatment or cure!

So, how can you get involved? Simple—share your story and be seen! 

1)      First, Watch Beautiful In My Eyes (, “like it” and share it with your networks!

2)      Next, create and publish your own one minute SeeUs video and send it by September 30 to to publish on NAAF’s YouTube page and on our website. The top videos will be voted on by viewers and awarded a prize!


3)      Connect and collaborate with a local NAAF support group, your friends locally and online, and people from your community that live with another autoimmune or skin disease, hair loss, or emotional pain. Have a conversation to explore any shared challenges or triumphs! Send us your photos to share on our website and in publications! 

Support the Campaign! 

1)      Create your own fundraising page to share the videos with your personal networks, raise awareness, and raise funds! The top three fundraisers and the top three awareness raisers (judged by the number of people who join your page) will win a prize! To create your page visit or contact Maureen Smith at

2)      Donate today! 

On October 15th we will announce the top three videos, the top three fundraisers, and the top three awareness raisers!

Alopecia Areata Awareness Month is the perfect time to share your story so that your community can better understand alopecia areata and living with difference. We hope you will tap into your interests and talents—whether joining the SeeUs Campaign on-line or by hosting an event through your local support group! 

Join us this September and show the world who we really are—on the inside.  

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