Patient Voice Highlighted at Largest Dermatology Event of the Year

Mar 28, 2018

From innovative new science to the latest treatments in development, progress in alopecia areata research was evident at the largest dermatology event of the year—the 2018 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting, held February 16 through 20 in San Diego, California, which drew more than 18,800 attendees from across the United States and around the world!

The meeting served as the fitting venue to host NAAF’s first Industry Partner Roundtable bringing together four Health and Research Ambassadors (HARAs) and seven biopharmaceutical representatives to exchange meaningful dialogue on how to develop better endpoints for clinical trials measuring aspects of alopecia areata that are important to patients. The meeting was the first of many as we continue our work to increase patient involvement, moving beyond being subjects of research to identifying “the right questions”—questions that will lead to meaningful answers.

NAAF’s Clinical Research Advisory Council Chair, Dr. Jerry Shapiro, along with the Chair of the Board of the International Dermatology Outcome Measures, Dr. Alice Gottlieb, and NAAF President & CEO Dory Kranz all celebrated the latest research advances and ongoing initiatives bringing the patient voice to treatment and outcomes development during NAAF’s Research Luncheon with more than 45 expert research advisors, early-career investigators and industry representatives in attendance.

To advance our mission, maximize resources and strengthen our impact, NAAF staff also participated in many AAD events with other organizations, including the Skin Matters Reception hosted by the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations, the Scientific Session of the American Hair Research Society, and the meeting of the Coalition of Skin Diseases.

By working together, we will make the most of this new era of patient-centered research; we will increase community involvement in research to build bridges of understanding between patients with alopecia areata, researchers who study the disease, and the biopharmaceutical companies and clinicians who design and deliver treatments.

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