New and Returning Members of the Board of Directors

Jan 28, 2021

NAAF wishes to welcome two new members to its Board of Directors, as well of the return of a former Board Member/Board Chair.

Jonelle Massey of Toledo, OH, has a daughter with alopecia universalis. Jonelle says their life was changed after attending NAAF’s patient conference in Scottsdale, AZ, and as a board member she would like to find ways to increase diversity within NAAF and broaden our social media presence. She says, “"I am so honored, grateful, and ready to serve an organization that has served my family and little alopecian princess. NAAF has been a lifeline that I didn't realize my entire family so desperately needed."

Simon Rubenstein of Brooklyn, NY, was diagnosed with alopecia areata as a child. Over the past several years, Simon has been an active participant at NAAF’s patient conferences serving on our inaugural Young Adults Panel and hosting Young Adult and Men’s support group sessions. As a Board Member, Simon wishes to expand our Youth Mentor program and find new and creative ways to reach out to community members ages 18-30. Simon says, “I want to serve on the Board of Directors to inspire a new generation of successful, engaged, thoughtful alopecians and elevate NAAF’s long-term goals.”

Bob Flint of Houston, TX, was also diagnosed with alopecia areata as a child, and served on NAAF’s Board from 2010-2018, including stints as both CFO and Board Chair. Retired from ExxonMobil, Bob has served on a number of boards including the Baytown, TX chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Bob says, “My personal and family experiences with alopecia areata ensure that my hard ‘engineer’ approach to business and decision making is tempered with a softer sensitivity that suffering with alopecia areata brings.”

It’s great to have Jonelle and Simon join us, and we’re so happy to have Bob back on the Board!

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