NAAF Receives Largest Response Ever to 2015 Requests for Application (RFAs)

Sep 22, 2015

This year, NAAF received 13 promising Research Grant proposals requesting over $1.8 million in response to our Research Funding Announcements (RFAs) publicized last May.  NAAF’s Research Grant opportunities are designed to support scientists and clinicians to pursue promising research ideas and innovative projects that will advance the development or discovery of safe, effective, affordable treatments and a cure for alopecia areata.  

Each application will undergo a two-step, patient-centered review process to determine its eligibility for funding.  The first phase of peer review is currently underway and patient advocates (individuals with alopecia areata, caregivers and family members) are participating alongside experienced scientific reviewers as full voting members in the initial evaluation to score grants based on technical merit and help drive research in a direction to answer the questions of greatest collective concern to those affected by alopecia areata.  The second phase of review, conducted by the Integration Panel, will assess the highly scored grant applications and identify those that fit best within our existing portfolio, by evaluating research questions in light of NAAF’s research priorities and budget constraints.  Announcements of Research Grant Awards will be made at the end of the year.  NAAF currently has a budget of $520,000.  If you’d like to ensure that all of the well-scored grants are able to be funded, please give generously.    

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