NAAF Celebrates New Era of Alopecia Areata Research at the Largest Dermatology Event of the Year

Mar 30, 2017

Excitement about the potential treatments in development for alopecia areata and continuing research progress was evident at the largest dermatology event of the year - the 2017 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting, held March 3-7 in Orlando, Florida with over 18,800 attendees from across the U.S. — and around the world!

This new era of research was celebrated by early-career investigators, seasoned research advisors, industry and government representatives during NAAF’s Research Luncheon. Together, Co-Chairs of the recent Alopecia Areata research Summit Drs. Angela Christiano, Maria Hordinsky, Michelle Campbell from the FDA Office of Clinical Outcomes Assessment, and NAAF President & CEO, Dory Kranz, celebrated exciting advances in alopecia areata research and initiatives bringing the patient voice to treatment development. 

There has truly never been a brighter future for patients with alopecia areata. By working together, we will make the most of this new era of patient-centered research to ensure the NAAF community is prepared for the upcoming Patient-Focused Drug Development meeting and a Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) instrument is developed to support the evaluation of treatment benefit for patients with alopecia areata. 

NAAF staff in attendance participated in numerous events with other organizations to advance our mission, maximize resources and strengthen our impacts, including: the Association for Psychoneurocutaneous Medicine of North America Meeting, the North American Hair Research Society Scientific Session and the International Alliance of dermatology Patient Organizations Skin Matters Reception. 

NAAF representatives worked the Coalition of Skin Diseases exhibit booth to educate physicians about our diseases and inform them of the materials we provide to patients, and met with 9 interested biopharmaceutical company representatives to promote and partner on the Alopecia Areata Treatment Development Program, as we work toward realizing our vision: a world without suffering from alopecia areata.

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