Legislative Liaisons Returning to DC with Exciting Legislation in the Works

Sep 22, 2015

For the third consecutive year, 16 Legislative Liaisons selected from 11 states will be joining NAAF’s Communications Director Gary Sherwood and Chief Administration Officer Jeanne Rappoport to meet with the health aides of thirty senators and congressional representatives at their offices in Washington, DC at the end of the month.  The Legislative Liaisons will be asking for their lawmakers’ support on advancing alopecia areata research and three critical components of the Alopecia Areata Treatment Development Program: 

1.       Advance medical research by providing the National Institutes of Health with at least $32 billion (a 5% funding increase) in Fiscal Year 2016.

2.       Facilitate treatment development by thanking congressional supporters for helping to ensure a meeting on alopecia areata in Fiscal Year 2016-2017 through the Food and Drug Administration’s Patient Focused Drug Development Initiative 

3.       Improve patient care by supporting Congressman Jared Huffman’s (D-CA) Cranial Prosthetic Medicaid Coverage Enhancement Act.  Select Republican representatives are being asked to be initial co-sponsors so as to make the bill bipartisan, and Senate members are being asked whether they would take a leadership role in authoring a companion bill.             

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