Legislative Liaisons Hold Important Meetings with Members of Congress

Jul 22, 2016


Throughout the spring and early summer, our Alopecia Areata Legislative Liaisons met with their U.S. representatives and senators in cities and towns across the country. Because lawmakers are often more encouraged to act when they see the numbers of their constituents who are affected by alopecia areata (particularly children), the Legislative Liaisons were encouraged to bring family and support group members. After being prepared with written materials, as well as by an hour-long recorded webinar, the Legislative Liaisons were instructed to make the following two asks:

            1.         Improve insurance coverage of Cranial Prosthetics

      • Liaisons explained that many individuals impacted by alopecia areata require a cranial prosthetic.
      • Congressional representatives were asked to cosponsor the Cranial Prosthetic Medicaid Coverage Enhancement Act (H.R. 4989).

2.         Increase funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

  • Legislators were briefed on the importance of increasing funding for the NIH.
      • Liaisons also informed legislators that there are timely opportunities in alopecia areata research for which funding is critical.
      • Congressional representatives asked to support an increase of NIH funding to $34.5 billion for this year. 

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