Funding Research Toward a Treatment

Nov 29, 2018

Hot off the press from our latest grant cycle, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just awarded three brand new research grants totaling more than $380,000 spanning multiple years!

The selection wasn’t easy. We received 11 grant applications that underwent a thorough two-step, patient-centered review process. First, experienced scientific reviewers and patient advocates (individuals with alopecia areata, caregivers and family members) evaluated and scored each proposal based on technical merit and significance to those affected by alopecia areata. The highly scored grant applications were then assessed for their relevance to NAAF’s research priorities and their fit with our existing research portfolio. 

Our research investment, which is targeted to exceed $410,000 in 2019 alone, will support seven projects — some new and some ongoing, some led by seasoned experts and some by young scientists — in a broad range of areas, including: (1) basic and translation research offering leads for a cure or prevention, (2) clinical studies offering high-impact results and immediate benefits, and (3) research to quantify and qualify psychosocial impacts for the purpose of addressing those impacts and improving quality of life for patients.

We thank all of our 2018 applicants for their commitment, expertise, and interest in alopecia areata research. The innovative ideas and extraordinary efforts of the entire alopecia areata research community continue to bring hope to all those affected by this disease.

Learn more about our ongoing research projects here.

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