Folks Magazine Profiles NAAF Community Members

Aug 22, 2018

In a society which equates health and attractiveness with hair, these three alopecia crusaders are proving that baldness can't stop anyone from living a happy life.

In early June, NAAF Communications Director Gary Sherwood was contacted by journalist Deborah Blumberg. Formerly with the Wall Street Journal, Deborah now writes for Folks magazine, and she was looking to do a story on several alopecia areata community members and their varied experiences. Deborah remarked the story would “show how people have pushed past their health issues to achieve great things, help others, or maybe something transformative happened to them that caused them to look at or approach their condition in a different way.”

If there’s one thing our community is blessed with, it’s a wide range of articulate and empowered people of all ages who have an enviable range of accomplishments. The hard part wasn’t finding outstanding people to profile – it was having to leave other equally outstanding people out. For every person Gary recommended, there were a half-dozen he could have just as easily selected. Nevertheless he made his initial recommendations to Deborah and reached out to those selected. All expressed an immediate willingness to be part of the article.

Editorial limits being what they are, not everyone selected ended up making it into the final article. Still, we believe Tyrone Folliard-Olson, Ebony Jean, and Paula and Rosie Quinn form a cross-section any community would be lucky to claim, and their profiles will inspire you with their stories of courage and hope. As the article says, “Baldness can’t stop you.”

You can read the full article here:

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