Engaging with Patients to Understand Diverse Perspectives of the Community

Mar 31, 2021

On March 9, 2021, Pfizer and NAAF hosted a virtual Voice and Choice roundtable focused on alopecia areata, building on the outcomes of FDA’s 2017 Patient-Focused Drug Development Meeting as detailed in The Voice of the Patient report. Eight representatives of the alopecia areata community gathered to share their perspectives and give voice to all those living with the disease.

The four-hour roundtable was filled with honest and real discussion about the impacts of living with alopecia areata, relationships with healthcare providers, and experiences with treating and managing the condition. The meeting underscored the unmet needs among people affected by alopecia areata and concluded with questions about attributes of the ideal therapy and expectations for the future of overall care.

The invaluable candid discussion and personal insights that were shared will serve as impetus to educate Pfizer on the community landscape as well as inform potential opportunities for NAAF partnerships and future programming. We hope that this roundtable was the first of many as we continue our work to bring the patient perspective to the forefront of pharmaceutical research and direct innovative efforts toward the most desired end results.

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Vocal Volunteer Living with Alopecia Areata