Become a NAAF Legislative Liaison

Dec 24, 2012

NAAF has embarked on a new initiative that we believe will greatly multiply the effect of our advocacy efforts and raise the profile of alopecia areata on the legislative stage as never before. And we are seeking some dedicated volunteers to help us get this initiative underway.

Just as we have a great group of volunteer Support Group Leaders, who serve as a link between NAAF and local support efforts, we are establishing a new group of volunteer Legislative Liaisons to serve as our local legislative representatives,

We hope these Legislative Liaisons will agree to meet at least once a year with congressional representatives and senators at their local district offices. As in Washington, NAAF will provide these Legislative Liaisons with all the information needed to inform their representatives about the legislative issues that most impact the alopecia areata community. 

Liaisons will be encouraged to share their own stories and that of their families, and to bring other members of their local support group with them, too, so lawmakers can see and hear how the decisions they make affect their constituents with alopecia areata.

Anyone interested in being a Legislative Liaison is encouraged to contact Gary Sherwood at or 415-472-3780.  

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