Alopecia Areata and Atopic Dermatitis: Comparison and Contrast

Mar 26, 2019

Highlights from the Joint NAAF-IEC Symposium at AAD

Historically, alopecia areata and atopic dermatitis have been considered to be two separate diseases with different etiologies and pathogenesis. But as more knowledge is gained regarding genetics and biological pathways, some overlap has been found between the two diseases.

In February, NAAF and the International Eczema Council (IEC) hosted a joint symposium during the 77th Annual American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Washington, DC, to explore the similarities and differences between these two common but complex skin diseases and the implications from bench to bedside. The meeting, Atopic Dermatitis and Alopecia Areata: Comparison and Contrast, received an enthusiastic response with an audience of more than 250 participants, including 138 biopharmaceutical industry representatives from 24 different companies.

Our symposium Chairs, Drs. Emma Guttman and Natasha Mesinkovska, designed a program focused on the epidemiology, comorbidities, pathogenesis, therapeutic advances, and patient perspectives on clinical trials and treatments for alopecia areata and atopic dermatitis, highlighting overlap and differences between the two. 

Click here to read the full report with highlights of the research presented. 

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