Our Stories

Please find inspiration from the collection of stories and photos from our NAAF community. Explore how others have come to terms with being a parent of a child with alopecia areata, being an adult with alopecia areata or being a young person with alopecia areata.


The Back of The Bus

These Kids Willed Me to Succeed When I grew up in Canada, unaware of the true meaning of those words and the heroism of Rosa Parks, I sat at the back of the bus. I initially lost my hair at the back of my head. I was a young teenager. I was shy and this terrible unknown condition just pushed me further into hiding – to the back of the bus, to the back of the movie theatres, to the back of the...Read more

Gina's Spots

My Spiritual Journey Hello to all my fellow alopecia areata friends. My name is Bob. I noticed in some previous newsletters that some people developed alopecia areata during their junior year in high school. Since I did, too, I thought I’d tell my story. In the summer before my junior year, I developed alopecia areata. A friend’s sister noticed that I had a bald spot about the size of a dime, and...Read more