Central New Hampshire Virtual Support Meeting

Friday, January 21, 2022 - 7:00pm (ended)
Christine Gauthier

Christine has lived with alopecia for 17 years. She's a therapist and school psychologist experienced working with both kids, adults and parents. Christine hopes to create a sense of community where people can find both emotional support and material resources, and a place to come to feel happy and "normal."  This support group is an ideal place to come and talk with others about living with alopecia areata. It is the place to gain knowledge from those who have had years of experience. With time comes the ability to deal and cope with your own hair loss or that of a loved one. We are very fortunate that so many are willing to bring to the meetings their wisdom and advice to share in a direct but compassionate manner that reflects understanding and concern. The support group experience has its rewards for all who attend.

 You can call in to this virtual meeting from anywhere in the country. RSVP today!