A Study of the Lived Experience of Alopecia Areata Women

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United States
Women ages 30-35; diagnosed with alopecia areata, universalis or totalis in early adulthood
University of Minnesota

A research study being conducted at the University of Minnesota is seeking to better understand the experiences of women ages 30-35 who currently have alopecia areata (including universalis, or totalis), and developed their alopecia areata while in high school. By taking a small amount of your time to participate in this study you are helping uncover the story of what it is like to have alopecia areata. A $20 gift card will be provided to all participants as compensation for their time.

Participants in the study are asked to take part in two interviews with the researcher. The interview can be done over the phone, using Skype or FaceTime, or in-person (depending on location). Each interview should take approximately one and a half hours to complete. Your responses will be kept confidential. 

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