Beautiful PSA Spreads Awareness

We are thrilled that Ali Voron invited NAAF to include our logo at the end of this beautiful PSA. What a great opportunity to raise awareness of alopecia areata in the context of a much broader message that is so aligned with the objectives of our work.

We encourage you all to watch "Beautiful In My Eyes” and then share it with your family and friends! With your shares we can catapult this artistic and empowering piece into the minds and hearts of millions, spreading a message of self-love and awareness of alopecia areata.

A little backstory:
Voiceover actress, motivational speaker, writer and NAAF community member, Ali Voron, has been inspiring people to live lives full of self-love since before I met her and she is about to bring that vision onto the red carpet – if the Force is with us! In mid-2014, when Ali blogged about photos taken of her without makeup, millions of people related to her vulnerability, courage and message of acceptance and comfort in one’s own skin. A colorist and commercial film director, Lesley (Lez) Rudge, read the blog, saw the photos Len Irish took of Ali without a trace of makeup and approached Ali about creating a Public Service Announcement (PSA) with the same message. In "Beautiful In My Eyes," Lez has created something visually stunning that moves the heart. He captures the vulnerability, courage and deep peace that characterize Ali’s inner and outer beauty.

Watch it … Like it …. Share it … Spread the Beautiful word!