Front (left to right): Gary Sherwood, Kris Adams, Maureen Smith, Abby Ellison, Natasha Mesinkovska. Back (left to right): Mary Cosgrove, Dory Kranz, Jeanne Rappoport, Laura Ralph.

Namesort ascending Title Email
Natasha A. Mesinkovska, MD, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Mike Chapman
Office Volunteer
Maureen Smith
Chief Development Strategist
Mary Cosgrove
Technology & Publications Director
Lisa Ciancio
Marketplace Director
Laura Ralph
Support & Education Director
Kris Adams
Office Coordinator
Jeanne Rappoport
Chief Administrative Officer
Gary Sherwood
Communications Director
Eugene Levinson
Community Engagement Manager
Dory Kranz
President & CEO
Abby Ellison
Research Director