Front (left to right): Gary Sherwood, Kris Adams, Maureen Smith, Abby Ellison, Natasha Mesinkovska. Back (left to right): Mary Cosgrove, Dory Kranz, Jeanne Rappoport, Laura Ralph.

Namesort descending Title Email
Abby Ellison
Research Director
Dory Kranz
President & CEO
Eugene Levinson
Community Engagement Manager
Gary Sherwood
Communications Director
Jeanne Rappoport
Chief Administrative Officer
Kris Adams
Office Coordinator
Laura Ralph
Support & Education Director
Lisa Ciancio
Marketplace Director
Mary Cosgrove
Technology & Publications Director
Maureen Smith
Chief Development Strategist
Mike Chapman
Office Volunteer
Natasha A. Mesinkovska, MD, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer