Basic Research Advisory Council

The Basic Research Advisory Council (BRAC) is comprised of a group of esteemed experts from outside of the foundation who offer a wide range of experiences and perspectives. The BRAC provides advice to NAAF leadership on a variety of matters concerning basic research initiatives, trends and opportunities for progress. The goal is to foster an open, collaborative system involving broad representation of critical stakeholders, bringing diverse institutions and individuals together into an integrated and efficient, innovative and responsive effort to bring the importance of basic research projects to their specific clinical and scientific disciplines.

*Honorary Member
**Honorary Member and Past ChairĀ 
Name Organization State Category
Amos Gilhar, MD
Technion-Israel Institute Technology
Jeffrey A. Frelinger, PhD
University of Arizona
Arizona Basic
David A. Norris, MD**
University of Colorado
Colorado Basic
Alan N. Moshell, MD
Washington Hospital Center
District Of Columbia Basic
John E. Harris, MD, PhD
University of Massachusetts
Massachusetts Basic
Leonard C. Sperling, MD*
Uniformed Services University
Maryland Basic
John P. Sundberg, DVM, PhD
The Jackson Laboratory
Maine Basic
Rochelle R. Torgerson, MD, PhD
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Minnesota Basic
Lowell A. Goldsmith, MD*
University of North Carolina
North Carolina Basic
Raphael Clynes, MD, PhD
Bristol-Myers Squibb
New Jersey Basic
Angela M. Christiano, PhD, Chair
Columbia University
New York Basic
Abrar A. Qureshi, MD, MPH
Brown University
Rhode Island Basic
Lloyd E. King, MD, PhD**
Vanderbilt University
Tennessee Basic