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conf 2011 mom and daughterInformation and Support for Parents

Parenting a child with alopecia areata can be difficult. Parents of children with alopecia areata need to keep two things in mind.

1) Children can be much more resilient than we imagine. They are generally optimistic, and don’t have the expectation for rejection or ridicule that adults may have because they haven’t experienced or observed it as much as adults have.

2). Children take their cues from the adults in their world, and particularly from you, as a parent. If a child sees that his hair loss is a source of anxiety or sadness for you, he will internalize those feelings.

This does not mean that you should ignore or repress your own feelings of loss, sorrow, and anger when you are trying to cope. In addition, parents should know that feelings of guilt about somehow being responsible for your child’s hair loss are natural and to be expected. However, children with alopecia areata don’t blame their parents.

NAAF has many resources to help you help your children, and help yourself. Consider joining a support group in your area, or starting one if one doesn’t exist. The greatest healer initially is knowing that your family is not alone in what you are going through. Then, let us know how we can meet your specific needs. Below is a sample of how we can help.

If you have not done so already, you may request general information here and indicate that you would like any of the support materials below.

School Support for Children with Alopecia Areata

Is your child starting a new school? Schedule a meeting with the teacher and principal to discuss your child’s alopecia areata before the school year starts. NAAF can send you a School Pack (includes the "Alopecia Areata School Guide", NAAF brochures and a children's DVD called 'Why My Hair Falls Out")

Is your child returning to a school where he/she was previously teased or bullied? Again, begin the dialogue with the school before class resumes.  Begin a dialogue with the principals, counselors or instructors regarding past bullying and ways to prevent it from happening again.  You can also educate the new classmates with a School Pack.

Is your child going to a school that has strict ‘No Hats’, ‘No Hoodies’, or ‘No Bandanas’ policies?  Please use NAAF as a resource, we will write letters and make phone calls on your child’s behalf.

We encourage you to watch this webinar presented by Dr. Richard Long, which you’ll find most useful as the new school year begins. 

If you would like to learn more about NAAF’s resources, or if you would like to be sent a School Pack(includes the "Alopecia Areata School Guide", NAAF brochures and a children's DVD called 'Why My HAir Falls Out") please email Laura Ralph, NAAF's Director of Support & Education or call 415-472-3780.

School Pack cover

Educating Your Child’s School
Alopecia Areata School Guide
Videos for Education and Awareness

Educating Your Family & Friends

Introducing Your Child to Other Children with AA
Charlie’s Angels Section

Raising Awareness and Funds in Honor of Your Child

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