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Research Grants


NAAF 2014 Research Grant RFAs

NAAF is pleased to announce the release of 2014 Research Grant Requests for Application (RFAs).  These RFAs include targeted research aims as well as mechanisms to support investigator-initiated research.  The objective of these grants is to support research in finding a treatment or a cure for alopecia areata. Awards range from $1,500-$100,000. The deadline for application submission is August 1, 2014. To learn more about NAAF research grant opportunities and how to apply, please visit

The NAAF Board of Directors has agreed to fund the following research grants based on the recommendations of NAAF's independent scientific peer review committee. Members of this independent committee of scientists have no conflict of interest or associations with any of the researchers applying for grants, and they are not members of NAAF's Research Advisory Councils.

Li Zhang, MD, PhD, Post Doctoral Fellow at Barbara Davis Center for Juvenile Diabetes, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, Colorado. Zhang is a current grant recipient for developing molecular assays for alopecia areata autoantibodies. 

Genetic Research

  • Performance of genome-wide association studies for alopecia areata susceptibility genes
  • Identification of four loci using traditional genome linkage studies
  • Identification of eight genes that underpin alopecia areata
  • Development of a genetic test that can predict severity of disease 

Immunology Research

  • Exploration of strategies for the restoration of human hair follicle immune privilege
  • Determination of the specific target that is being attacked in alopecia areata
  • Exploration of the infectious agents in the immune responses in alopecia areata 

Clinical Research

  • Investigation of all drugs being developed for autoimmune diseases to see if there are any candidates to try for alopecia areata
  • Communication with makers of 22 drugs to see if there is interest in pursing clinical trials
  • Development of uniform alopecia areata clinical study protocol 

Alopecia Areata Registry, Biobank & Clinical Trials Network

  • Use of Registry samples a critical component to all National Alopecia Areata Foundation research endeavors
  • Investigation of Registry samples for synchronized quality of life data.  The Quality of Life Study still needs Your Input.  With the results of The Alopecia Areata Symptom Impact Scale – Quality of Life questionnaire, investigators will develop a National Alopecia Areata Registry Symptom Scale (NAARSS), following standard psychometric procedures and to perform secondary analysis of the National Alopecia Areata Registry (NAAR) data to describe the quality of life with patients with alopecia areata.  This important study is a priority for NAAF and you can participate. We are asking EVERYONE to complete this form.  Even if you have completed one in the past, please take the time to complete this NEWER version. This information is vital to current research underway and funded by NAAF. Please return the completed form by mail:  Alopecia Areata Registry, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Department of Dermatology, Box 1452, 1400 Pressler Street, Houston, Texas 77030; by fax to 713-794-1491; or by email:

Mouse Model Research

  • Development of a humanized mouse model to better study immune response in alopecia areata
  • Examination of gene expression changes as the disease develops 

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