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The National Alopecia Areata Foundation offers complimentary webinars periodically on a variety of subjects ranging from Research to Advocacy to Child Development and more. These engaging and informative sessions are led by professionals in their field. Whether your have alopecia areata yourself or know someone who does, there is sure to be a webinar topic that is of interest to you.

If you have an idea for a webinar that we have not covered yet please let us know! 

Recorded Webinars

How to Low-Impact Fundraise

Want to raise awareness of alopecia areata and money for NAAF, but you don’t want to host a big event?  Our newest webinar, hosted by Laura Ralph and Gary Sherwood, will teach you  the small-scale but effective ways you can fund raise.  These are easy activities you can do at home, at school, and in the workplace.  Listen now and learn how to put the “fun” in your fundraiser! Listen to Recording here>>  

Nuts & Bolts webinar coverNuts & Bolts of Successful Fundraising & Awareness Events

Learn the nuts and bolts of organizing and running a successful fundraising event in your community. Learn how to hold events and/or create awareness of alopecia areata in your local community. Presenters will include people in the NAAF Family who have held a number of successful events. The more people who know what alopecia areata is, the more it helps our cause.  Presenters: Josh Lang, Laura Ralph and Gary Sherwood.Listen to Recording here>>  

Legislative Liaison Program Webinars

NAAF's Legislative Liaisons initiative will greatly multiply the effect of our advocacy efforts, and raise the profile of alopecia areata on the legislative stage as never before. 

Legislative Liaisons will meet at least once a year with congressional representatives and senators at their local district offices.  As in Washington, NAAF will provide Liaisons with all the information needed to inform their representatives about the legislative issues that most impact the alopecia areata community.  And as in Washington, Liaisons will be encouraged to bring members of their local support group so lawmakers can see and hear how the decisions they make affect their constituents with alopecia areata.  (Learn details about Legislative Liaisons and how you can become one.)

Webinar: Introduction to Legislative Liaison Program

This webinar covers:

  • A Call to Action (How your voice makes a difference). This section will also touch on legislative issues impacting the community.
  • The power of coordinated grassroots outreach (why we work as a team instead of as individuals). This section will also touch on how our government works.
  • How to personally be an advocate (tips, tricks, and basics)

Watch Webinar here>>

hill day webinar 2014Webinar: Getting the Most from Your Day On Capitol Hill

Dane Christiansen from the Health and Medicine Council of Washington, gives an informative overview of the issues we will be discussing with our lawmakers when we visit with them on Capitol Hill in September 2014.  

Watch Webinar here>>

How to Start and Run a NAAF Support Group

Have you always wondered what is involved in being a NAAF Support Group Leader? Or, if you are a leader already, are you having a hard time getting members to come to regular meetings? Need advice or new ideas for your support group?  Just need to talk to other support group leaders and share ideas?  Then this Webinar is for YOU! 

This webinar, held on Nov. 1, 2012, was created for future and current Support Group Leaders. Presenters are Support Group co-Leaders Jessica Smith and Teresa Flannery of San Diego, and Director of Support and Education, Laura Ralph.

Watch Webinar here>>


Back to School Webinar with Dr. Richard Long 

Is it time for your children to go back to school, yet you still don’t feel prepared? Dr. Richard M. Long, of NAAF Conference acclaim, hosted a webinar in August 2012 geared towards parents of children with alopecia areata, and addressed many of the issues that leave parents feeling insecure as their children return to school. 

Richard LongRichard Long has presented for over 15 years for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation on child development. His doctorate in counseling is from the George Washington University and he currently works for the International Reading Association and the National Title I Association on issues relating to literacy and numeracy. Previously he has coordinated multidisciplinary interventions at the George Washington University Reading Center, was clinical supervisor at the Montgomery County Community Outreach Center “Middle Earth.” In addition, Long has consulted with the World Health Organization.  

Dr. Richard Long - Back to School: Child Development and Alopecia Areata for parents of children with alopecia areata.



Genetics of Alopeca Areata with Dr. Angela Christiano 

Angela 2Dr. Angela Christiano, PhD - Genetics of Alopecia Areata: What's all the Buzz About? 

Dr. Christiano discusses her recent genetic findings, what this means for individuals with alopecia areata, and the future of alopecia areata research. Recorded November 2010.





David NorrisDr. David Norris - Alopecia Areata Immunology Research Summit -  Highlights include the summit recap, list of current collaborations, and next steps in Immunology. Recorded November 2009.

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