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Alopecia Areata in School

School Pack coverIt is important to educate the administration, teachers and fellow students of your child about alopecia areata. Though the autoimmune disease is common, many people still do not know about alopecia areata. It is important to stress, particularly in a classroom setting, that your child is not sick, that alopecia areata is not contagious, and that alopecia areata will not limit a child from doing all of the activities that other children do.

The National Alopecia Areata Foundation has created a School Pack to help parents, teachers and administrators educate students about alopecia areata. The pack includes a copy of the 9 minute video on DVD, "Alopecia Areata: Why My Hair Falls Out" and our "Alopecia Areata School Guide" filled with tools for students, parents and teachers for success in the classroom. Please contact NAAF if you would like a School Packet mailed to you.

Videos for Education and Awareness

“Head Full of Doubt” is about Katarina, an 11-year-old girl telling her story as she prepares to inform her classmates that she has alopecia areata.  This inspiring and touching video was made by Brian Lewis, the broadcasting instructor at Katarina’s school, and can be used for all grades along with our other school materials. 

Head Full of Doubt: Katarina's Story from Brian Lewis on Vimeo.

Children’s Video

The National Alopecia Areata Foundation has created a Children’s Video that is intended for use in the home as well as the Classroom.

DVD coverTitle: Alopecia Areata: Why My Hair Falls Out
Time: 9 minutes

Purpose: To be used by young people who have alopecia areata to help explain to their peers, classmates, friends, teachers and other adults what alopecia areata is and how it feels to have it.

Cost: No charge for the video. It is made possible by a grant from the Castillo Family of California. A shipping fee may be required to ship two or more video's to the same address, or for videos sent in conjunction with other orders, or for international shipments.

Who should order: Parents, teachers, school nurses, principals, and others who need to learn more.

How to order: Phone: 415-472-3780  Fax: 415-472-5343 or email

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