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A Warm Welcome to NAAF's New CEO, Dory Kranz 

The National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF) is proud to announce the selection of Dory Kranz as its new Chief Executive Officer.  Dory succeeds Vicki Kalabokes, who has retired after 27 years of service to NAAF. Following a thorough national search process, NAAF’s Board of Directors, in close consultation with the Foundation staff, chose Dory on the basis of her admirable success as Executive Director for both the Hydrocephalus Association (HA) and the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation (DSRTF). Read More >>

Our Video & Other Materials Help Your Child Have a Good School Experiencence

School can be stressful for any child, especially those with alopecia areata.  The thought of going to class can be a source of anxiety and insecurity.  Luckily, we have many resources to help parents, students and schools be prepared, including a new video made by an 11-year-old girl with alopecia areata and the broadcasting instructor at her school.  We know you, your child and their school will find these materials helpful. Find Them Here>>>  





NAAF Responds to Yale University School of Medicine Study 

The National Alopecia Areata Foundation is encouraged by the results of an 8-month course of treatment conducted by researchers at Yale University School of Medicine in which a 25-year-old male patient with alopecia areata universalis was able to regrow a full head of hair, along with eyebrows, eyelashes, and facial, armpit, and other hair when put on a regimen of tofacitinib citrate, an FDA-approved treatment for arthritis.  The drug has also been successfully used in the treatment of psoriasis. Read More>>

Type 1 Diabetes Risk Screening Offered by TrialNet

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease that often occurs in families with alopecia areata or other autoimmune disorders. T1D results from immune system destruction of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. Relatives of someone with T1D have 15 to 20 times the risk to develop T1D. If you or other family members are between the ages 1 and 45, and have a blood relative diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you may be eligible for T1D risk screening through Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet. Read More>>

NAAF Research Summit Grant Receives Highest Score from Reviewers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

With three outstanding Medical and Scientific Co-Chairs, NAAF submitted an application to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases within the NIH for financial support of our next research summit in December 2014 in Bethesda, MD. Our application received a ten, the best score, from the Scientific Reviewers and we are hopeful that NIAMS and other Institutes and Centers within the NIH will be among our sponsors. If you or someone you know would like to be an individual or corporate sponsor of this summit, please contact Dory Kranz at 415-472-3780.

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NAAF is proud to offerl the Alopecia Areata Treatment Development Program Video, an emotional and informative 7-minute presentation of stories, reflections and personal accounts from both lay people and experts who understand and care about what is needed to help those with alopecia areata, world’s most common autoimmune disease. This video illustrates why NAAF’s Alopecia Areata Treatment Development Program is so vital to achieving one of NAAF’s most important goals:  finding effective, FDA-approved treatments that restore hair growth for people affected by alopecia areata. Watch Now>>  


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Defining Our Destiny in San Antonio: NAAF Conference Launches a New Era

San Antonio in the twilight of June is hot, humid and, in our experience, prone to some short but intense rainstorms.  It’s also studded with history, Spanish-style architecture, and a justifiably popular estuary-themed cornucopia called the River Walk.  Like so many of its denizens, the South Texas city is beautiful and dramatic, but also profoundly friendly; the perfect venue for the 29th Annual National Alopecia Areata Foundation International Conference.   Read More >>

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Need Information & Support? Request it Here!

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed specifically with alopecia areata, you may request information from NAAF by completing the form on this page. The NAAF support program offers different ways to create a sense of community amongst individuals with alopecia areata and their families. NAAF has support groups all over the world to provide a safe, comfortable and trusting environment.  Find Support Now 


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