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Alopecia, My Companion

by Zsuzsanna from Hungary

Alopecia arrived into my life when I was six. “Her” name at that time was Areata. She stayed for a while and then left. A few years later returned, brought her relatives with her (Totalis and Universalis) and the latter moved into my life for a long-term sublet.

I fought against the intruders with all my strengths without any sign of success. In the meanwhile, I started building walls around myself and I was ready for burying myself alive which would have surely been the easier way.

Then slowly I began to understand that my companion is not about to leave so I decided to make peace with her. It was a long process, with small steps but now I can say that I accept myself and accept my condition.

I destroyed the walls and towers around me, and I was open for new experiences. I met my boyfriend who encouraged me. He was the first who told me that Alopecia makes me special, and that I should show my inner beauty to others, too. 

I think my best decision was when I decided to ask a professional photographer to take some photos of me. I liked the bald woman who looked back to me from these pictures. I was very proud of myself! Many thanks to Patrícia Verbőci for the beautiful photos! 

Then I started to write a blog (in Hungarian so far) to share my feelings and experiences so as to let others with this disorder know that they are not alone. I would also be happy if I could raise awareness in Hungary through my blog:

I was glad to find NAAF’s website on the Internet. It really helps when I read the inspiring stories which reinforce me in my belief that our possibilities are limitless and that we are beautiful and special!




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