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My Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii Snorkelling
Hawaii Snorkelling

An Uplifting (and Humorous) Story

My husband, Matt, and I went to Hawaii for two weeks this past April, and it was truly paradise! I had planned activities for every day, but we still didn’t see everything.
To be honest, I was a little nervous that my alopecia areata might interfere with some of our planned activities, but it didn’t slow me down at all.

Our first activity involved a slow descent in a shark cage not far from the north shore of Oahu. You may have seen stories on television about the shark adventure. Initially we traveled by boat about three miles out to sea, and then a steel cage was pulled up to the boat. I was still slathering on sunscreen when Matt volunteered us to go first, so I didn’t have much time to debate whether or not to wear my hairpiece in the water. I knew we had to wear snorkel gear underwater in order to see the sharks rising from the depths to eat the crab being thrown in the water. Would the mask hold my hairpiece securely? Did I want saltwater on my hairpiece? I quickly took off the wig, put it in my backpack, and donned a small lightweight do-rag (Harley lingo) instead. I didn’t want my scalp to burn.

The other people on the boat were too busy watching us go into the cage and worrying about their turn to notice my head. Underwater, nearly a dozen sharks surrounded the cage. They ranged from 6 to 14 feet long and included gray, Galapagos, white tip, and sandbar sharks. What a thrill! I was back on board and was putting my hair back on, when the captain walked by. He said he never would have guessed I was wearing a wig. I smiled and told him that was the idea. Of course, only my hair was dry and neat for the ride back to shore.

We went snorkeling at least once on every island. Each time I wore the lightweight do-rag. I was comfortable and didn’t give it any thought. On one inflatable rigid hull boat, there wasn’t much room to stow stuff, so when we stopped to snorkel, I asked a woman working on the boat where I could keep my wig safe. She put it in the storage cabinet under the steering wheel. Later, as we were heading back to shore, the captain opened the storage cabinet to get something, and he saw my wig. What a surprise for him! The woman quickly explained the situation to him. When we reached shore, we gathered our snorkel gear, towels, backpacks, and camera, and I almost forgot to ask for the wig back. I was that comfortable without it.


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