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My Alopecia Areata Story


My Alopecia Areata Story

My hair started falling off in patches when I was five years old. My mom took me to the doctors and dermatologist and she told me they said that my alopecia might have been triggered by “stress” factors (coming from kinder garden to a big primary school)...I remember I was very attached to mum and I used to cry when she left me at maybe that was the trigger for my alopecia knows...

I was treated with cortisone for a while through some stupid injections inside my mouth (so painful)..which made me fat for some months. This obviously did not work and my parents decided to stop it.

Being a kid with Alopecia in Bogota, Colombia was tough as “hair” means masculinity and I was bullied by some “smart-ass” kids, taken as “shame” as people and other kids who ignorantly thought I had some type of virus/disease and not accepted by girls for a while.

I grew up exercising a lot, having a fit, strong body to be able to get respect from bullies and be accepted as a healthy teenager.

Anyway...I grew with patches of no hair and when I was 15 years old my mum suggested I get a wig so I did until I was 21 when I was even losing more hair. So I decided to shave the remainder hair off.

I was at University at this time and it meant a big identity step to say: “I am a bold but fit, intelligent and fun...that’s it...if you mind that’s your problem , if you like me, it is cool”.

Now I am 34 years old. I still have alopecia areata and some parts of my head have some hair so I still shave it off.

I am glad I have had the luck to meet amazing beautiful friends and girlfriends and live in a beach village in Australia where interestingly lots of physically perfect people live but totally respect you as a human being....and yes I still get the weird questions or looks (when I get lazy to shaved for some days) J

My advice for all with Alopecia is not to hide will make it worse...just be who you close to amazing people and the rest will follow suit Also, do not spend stupid amount of $ on medicine that promises hair growth...nothing works at this stage.



p.s. You can find me on Facebook too.


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