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 This is my story...

 My name is Ashley and I am 21 years old.  After looking at all of the other stories written by brave women, men and children.  I decided that I would take the opportunity to share my story in hope of making a difference in someone's life like everyone on this website has for me. 

 I started to notice my hair falling out at an incredible rate about 2 years ago; I always thought it was "natural shedding".  One day after showering I was about to start blow-drying my hair, when my boyfriend noticed a bald spot on the back on my head.  I thought he was just messing around me with until I looked in the mirror and saw a circle of hair missing on the back of my head.  I immediately began crying thinking it was something terrible like cancer.  After seeing a doctor he told me it was alopecia areata, something I have never heard of.  I was scared about having bald spots and didn't know if it would get worse.  I ended up going for the steriod shots that are injected right into the scalp, it was extremely painful and I will never do it again. 

After a few months the hair grew back just the way it looked before.  From the day I was told I had alopecia areata until today, I have had about 4 or 5 patches of hair missing.  I consider myself lucky to have only had a few patches here and there.  Through out this whole ordeal I have realized that it's just hair and it will eventually grow back.  If I could give anyone who has just been diagnosed with a similair situation as mine, I would say everyone in your life loves you for you and not because of your hair.  Live life to the fullest and don't get caught up in things that aren't important! :)


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